OWN YOUR DIFFERENCES! Every woman is different – regardless of whether it concerns fashion, hairstyle, self-image or lifestyle. We celebrate the differences.

Live your individuality and make the look your own: you are the starting point and the standard. Femininity follows no direction. Be your own style icon and celebrate what makes you different from the others: be proud of your specific features and consciously emphasize them.

Embrace your uniqueness and carry your statements to the outside world!


Be yourself and show it! Two highlight models as a contrasting pair demonstrate courage and they want to be noticed. Made from sustainable Eastman Acetate Renew, the voluminous frames bring noticeable retro reminiscence into the arena – not least due to their extra low-set, gently curved temples.


Two acetate models cause a stir with a large form, harmonious curves and elegant multicolours. The inner sides of the temples and an engraved groove on the upper line play cleverly with bold colours, whereas the temple outer sides present themselves in a metallic shine, matt or in matt colour tones. You decide: soft or dynamic!


The deep panto and the small, angular form surprise their wearer with a temple inner side, which with its high quality wrought, small, coloured hearts, is a reminder to be true to oneself with all one’s heart. The sturdy acetate fronts and the fine stainless steel temples with a bright metallic play of colours celebrate uniqueness.


Two acetate models call soft contrasts for every day into play. The large, deep square and the panto achieve optical lightness with their fine faceting in a concave cut, whilst the lugs stand out with opaque lamination. Front and temple merge seamlessly into one another thanks to the lamination.


Two pantos present an interplay of broad and narrow, boldness and reticence. Both are perfect everyday favourites. Whilst the massive panto views the world with a striking upper line, the small, flat panto puts an optical emphasis on the lugs. Pure basic models which are calm and reticent everyday companions.


Being different is wonderful; finely-edged metal fronts invite you to be noticed every day. The feminine oversized form and the angular model emphasize their striking retro charm through particularly low-set, softly curved and filigree acetate temples. Berry, Fir Green or Red Plum prove that natural colours, too, can create a sensation.


Three stainless steel models quote the striking heart theme and make differences to strengths: the upper lines, thanks to material thickness, emphasize the special character of each pair of glasses and place the focus on the upper region, whilst the lower eye rim is thin-edged


Simplicity declined in three ways: these minimalistic basic models casually quote well-known themes. No compromise despite reduction: theses frames, too, with the integrated spring hinge on the slim temple, guarantee great comfort with a minimum of material.

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