DARE TO BE BOLD is an invitation to all women to boldly, optimistically and sensually celebrate their very own femininity in all its diversity.

You can be you – unfold your individual femininity like a blossom, vivaciously and boldly! Femininity is as unique as nature: present and self-confident, reticent, and discreet, soft and sensual, clear and straightforward.

But always bursting with life and showing itself as it is: budding, growing, blooming like a flower.


Form becomes an absolute eye-catcher in the extravagant highlight models. Oversized hexagonal shapes and oversized soft square demonstrate unabashed sovereignty. The two frames present themselves decisively sustainably in environmentally-conscious Acetate Renew.


A large, soft square and feminine shape put the BOLD theme in a nutshell in a sensitive and reduced way as a take-down. Slim, slightly curved temples catch the eye and offer elegant comfort thanks to the spring hinge.


Feminine, decorative statement temples with elegant embossing are the highlight of these four models. The precisely embossed temple inlay, set in crystal clear and transparent acetate, creates real gems: sometimes combined with angular shapes and a timeless acetate panto, sometimes with elegant metal fronts.


Design decisions put minimalistically in a nutshell for a maximum effect as self confidently angular, hexagonal oversized shape and a round, lushly curved form. Colour becomes statement: bold, expressive tones and contrasts between the front and temples fill the look brightly and cheerfully with life – in matt magenta, cherry red with eggplant, opal green or transparent night blue.


Deep eye rims, elegant temples: nothing is by chance – small, rounded metal frame and soft square as a Nylor semi semi rimless frame captivate with self assured elegance. The coloured lacquering with a matt finish in colours like orient blue, jeans blue or rosé grey becomes an eye catcher in the Nylor semi rimless frame.


Expressive extravagance for every day: the striking panto with its conspicuous upper line and the flat, soft square form as a Nylor echo a feminine heritage style in a modern and colourful way – with a keyhole bridge and distinctive lugs as eye-catchers. Stainless steel is the design partner for a precisely milled front.


Two super-feminine oversized models counter the sun with the voluminous highlight signature look. Oversized square and a round oversize with cateye appeal are not stingy with presence and form. Precise faceting emphasizes broad, massive fronts. The programme is BOLD from front to colour to temples.


The striking theme presents itself with a flat, angular shape and surprisingly once more as a round model with an angular upper line. The wide, fashionable lugs are eye catchers which appear in contrasting colours due to elaborate lamination.


These two sunglasses models take the summer stage selfconfidently with wide temples. The large, deep square and the panto with the keyhole bridge have – matching the cool or warm tones of the front – colour harmonizing gradient lenses.


Four basic designs with high quality gradient lenses or completely dark lenses become everyday companions through radiant days. The oversized hexagonal shapes are conspicuous with their wide, sporty, acetate temples and show colour contrasts between the front (transparent) and temples (opaque). With feminine square, soft square, and a round model with an angular upper line, the basic line becomes complete.


Not too much, not too little: these metal basics with deep eye rims and high-quality gradient lenses focus on pure form with fine, special style elements. A deep square and the round shape encircle the eye with a broad edge of completely coloured stainless steel with a matt finish.


Elegant and graceful or striking and stylish? All of these! The three metal models with deep eye rims provide aesthetic sun protection in a stylish variety. The round shape, the hexagonal model and the flat soft square make a statement with their soft, flowingly curved temples.


Sun-protected enjoyment in the striking, self-confident heritage look: this succeeds with this large square with cat-eye appeal and the deep, soft square. Produced from high-quality stainless steel, the fronts with their casual gradient lenses make an impression through their precisely edged acetate inlay. Soft and classical, sporty, elegant, or rather sovereign!

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