Being a woman has many different facets – developing them courageously and celebrating them boldly, optimistically and sensually is the determining theme in the spring and summer of 2023.

Be unique and show your individuality. Femininity is flourishing diversity: we celebrate all its aspects self-confidently and playfully, delicately and powerfully, softly and with accentuation. DARE TO BE BOLD is also inspiration for living out one’s own feminine aspects in a fashionable way!

Femininity means blossoming vitality: to draw from all colours and forms and create one’s very own womanhood.


Dare to be bold – the highlight model uses supersized round shapes for a voluminous, feminine look. Narrow temples attached to comfortable spring hinges leave the stage to the spectacular front: natural, rich and intense marbling and colour blocking in raspberry tones, Havana with dark bottle green and black with crème are the opulent expression of self confidence. Close to nature not only in colour.


A colourful aha effect like the blossoming of a gorgeous, rare flower: warm orange, opaque petrol and Havana give a casual trend signal on the wide, fashionable lugs. More discreet on the other hand is the size of the fashionably round shapes which calmly quote the highlight theme. Striking, wide temples continue the gentle marbling of the front. A natural tone meets self-confidence for a strong, feminine expression!


A sensational look that comes along thin-rimmed, fashionable and of high quality. Elegant lamination, gradient colours and in part surfaces with a soft matt finish give the round, the classically feminine and the square model an up-to-date look with a fashionable aha effect!


Feminine and delicate with shapes in a striking feminine silhouette: these softly rounded panto and square models captivate with calm extravagance. Colour contrasts give the classic front a fashionable twist. A gentle matt finish adorns the look in relaxed coolness which is also repeated in the elegant, metallic accents of the high-quality stainless steel temples with the custom-made spring hinges.


Cool, precisely milled stainless steel in gently matted gloss colours with precisely fitted acetate inlays give these models their directness. The forms are consistently declined throughout: expressive square, soft feminine square and flattened panto shapes captivate as the quintessence of glasses interpreting heritage in a modern and elegant way.


Wonderfully thin-rimmed stainless steel models which do without metallic tones and captivate through soft matt vivacity: a filigree Nylor panto with colourcorresponding threads also joins the feminine square and large round and angular shapes. The acetate temples, although slender for a feather-light appearance, set the tone in eye-catching marbling.


Two fashionably young looks celebrate femininity in a ligh-hearted and soft way. Classic panto and soft square are created precisely in a slim form from stainless steel in the highest workmanship quality. Soft natural colour nuances, contrasted on the inner side with coordinated colour tones – these models do not require much and give their wearer room to have an effect.


Models with a wow effect that make their wearer shine with fresh, visible colours: these thin-rimmed metal frames get maximum style from a minimum of material. Reduction to the essentials is matched perfectly with the elegant colouring through the contrasting colour on the inner side of the temples. Self confident and strikingly feminine square, flat panto, femininely small shapes and dynamic pilot are nonetheless unassuming and flattering through the minimal rim thickness.