In this season too, the world of fashion takes us further into nature. And brings us fashionably down to earth. We connect up with meadows, woods and open spaces– and partly with ourselves – in a colour coordinated way. In harmoniously subdued colours, loosely falling styles, generous silhouettes and flowing fabrics, a style awareness inspired by nature is turned into natural self-confidence. BRENDEL eyewear also pursues this trend and brings new radiance to feminine naturalness through NATURAL CONFIDENCE 2.0. The storytelling of the designs: clear statements in their most attractive facets – told through perfected shapes from bold to minimal.

Sophistically faceted with soft edges that are pleasant to the touch, combined to trendy broad or unpretentious temples. Stylish acetate inserts, colour accents at the eye rims and decorative rivets rise to the position of a favourite moment. Shades of pale to dark colours adopted from nature as well as an intense play of colours between the fronts and the temples lend delicate lightness with expressive presence – whether mottled, transparent, monochrome or in harmonious colour gradients. The high-quality sunglass variants present themselves this summer in charismatic looks with gradient lenses. Determined by exceptional craftsmanship for perfect wearing comfort, the continuation of NATURAL CONFIDENCE in its Fall/Winter 2022 collection is also convincing – with feminine elegance, vivacious sensuality and self-confident awareness.


A very expressive model made of high-quality acetate in a bold look implements the season’s highlights with a precisely faceted front and sophisticated metal temples. Rounded edges lend a soft feel; conically tapered temples inspire with their fashionable width. Exclusive is the integrated BRENDEL eyewear spring hinge. The large shapes with a stylish double bridge in matt black and demi with a touch of blue emphasize every facet of feminine radiance.


The takedowns present themselves as a sophisticated complement in round shapes. The soft acetate design is impressive with its fashionable colour gradient on the trendy wide temples, matching the front. The stainless steel variant with a round silhouette and deep, accentuated eye rims stands out with flattering gradient colours combined with metallic tints. The integrated spring hinge manufactured especially for BRENDEL eyewear gives a natural wearing comfort.


Soft, no frills and straightforward but still detailed with a groove on the upper eyerim – the design language of two square shapes. Worked precisely with softly rounded edges from the stainless steel plate. The sophisticated style is available in three harmonious colour variants. The Nylor model presents itself in a design-conscious and expressive way in muted tones or exciting black. Both with casually wide temples and made-to-measure spring hinges.


Noble acetates reduced to a minimum go to the edge of their limit. The result: a delicate look with expressive shapes complemented elegantly through fine temples of stainless steel wire. Elaborately riveted, it is an eye-catcher with metallic finesse from the front also. Enhanced at the sides through the long temple tips. Perfectly rounded off through transparent grey with gold-rosé, timeless Havana and a marbled design in pink-red to aubergine.


Three stainless steel models in an attractive form are particularly pleasant in appearance and feel. Gentle upper lines and soft edges of the metal shapes in panto and square, worked precisely from the stainless steel plate, demonstrate great craftsmanship. A modern look & feel with plain temples, integrated spring hinges and an explosion of colour – sparked off by cool matt shades and top gradients in brand new colours such as fiery luscious-red or sensual brown-rosé.


Soft lines give sweeping accentuation to the sporty elegance of the classic stainless steel panto. With soft edges, smooth temples and integrated BRENDEL eyewear spring hinges for maximum wearing comfort and a super fit. The narrower and flatter Nylor variant complements the concept. With a fashion-able front in pink to mauve hues contrasting with the inside colours of metallic tones and black. Gradient colours continue the colour design in a matching way on the temples.


An utterly symbiotic performance is given by this stainless steel variant with perfectly inserted decorative acetate inlays. The design is worked precisely from the stainless steel plate. The upper lines are stylishly emphasized in the marbled design of the acetate with a matt surface. The BRENDEL eyewear spring hinges perfect the high-quality material ensemble.


Three fresh shapes as a colour statement right down the line. High-quality acetate fronts inspire with their creative play of colours with the acetate temples: transparent tones harmonize with mottled temples, sophisticated gradients with plain temples, and marbled designs stand out with monochrome, partly matt temples. Utterly feminine, colourful and tangibly comfortable.


The Highlight model as a stylish summer upgrade. The cool oversized squares precisely inlaid with acetate radiate in an elegant gold tone combined with classic black or fashionable demi. A burner in appearance and feel on sunny days with trendy wide stainless steel temples, rounded edges and extra-long acetate tips. The takedown variant gleams in a matt finish with large round shapes.


The extrovert, large butterfly shape and a classic oval are sun-seekers. Cut in a high-quality way from the stainless steel plate, they are persuasive with colour-emphasized indentations at the eye rims. Trendily wide, finely mottled acetate temples are a continuation of the casual elegance. Three metallic tones matching the colour accentuation and gradient colours of the shapes make the summer-look a must-have.


Wonderful basic acetate models in four classic, feminine silhouettes. The acetate temples underline the pleasant feel. Partly in a marbled design, partly in gradient colours or also extremely cool in matt black. Fitted with high-quality gradient glass in fashionably relaxed colours, sun-drenched nature can be enjoyed at its best.


Large, highly modern, round shapes and soft, ornate squares overflow with gracefulness with their wide, multi-grooved eye rims. Finely lacquered applications on the front in dialogue with metallic tones on the bridge and cheeks draw attention to the aesthetic details. In sophisticated gradient colours colours adorn the shapes in a sophisticated colour gradient; the high-quality acetate temples have a tastefully marbled design.


These acetate shapes are a statement, whether rectangular and flat or in a classic design. Topped only by precise faceting on the front and the temples. The accentuated wide temples are enhanced by a metallic décor which reveals the BRENDEL eyewear heart as a charming detail when the glasses are folded up. The state-of-the-heart model presents itself in calm black and Havana, very trendy, very cool, very feminine.


Charismatic acetate sun models as modern squares, feminine shapes and stylish panto. Elegant stainless steel temples, soft edges and long acetate tips give a perfect touch & feel. Apart from perfect UV light protection, the high-quality polarized glass in attractive gradient colours provides visibly greater contrast and clarity without any disturbing reflection.