Still unimaginable a few years ago, the transparency style today has established itself as a fashion trend. And ever since the big designers have presented their models sporting this seductive and revealing look on the most famous catwalks in the world, transparency has been apparent everywhere – from haute couture to street fashion. A new fashion trend, which offers revealing insight.

Everything is possible, as the transparency look can be used from head to toe. A revealing glimpse is allowed, with transparent and translucent materials and fabrics creating a nude effect. The perfect combination is created through the interplay of transparent bags, shoes, coats, skirts and dresses in chiffon, silk, lace, tulle or net. Correctly styled, this diverse trend can be worn as an everyday look and exudes a new sense of lightness. Strategically placed cut-outs in fabrics and materials reveal delicate details and are totally on-trend with the fashion of the coming season.

Transparency is most definitely in! The new BRENDEL collection also picks up on this fashion trend and showcases it with revealing insight. We say hello to transparency!

Lightness and transparency characterise the TRANSPARENCY models. The combination of stainless steel with transparent material in colours ranging from rose gold/grey to silver/rosé, right through to gold/grey and silver/crystal, reflects the feminine touch of the brand. What’s more, the soft and yet expressive lens shapes underline the clarity of the intricate models.


The visual appeal of these models is accentuated by the marbled laminations in their upper line, which coordinates harmoniously with the transparent acetate fronts. Intricate stainless steel temples, in combination with integrated spring hinges, provide perfect comfort.

Transparent acetate fronts with subtle marbling give the models visual depth and vibrancy. Metallic effects are achieved through the use of stainless steel temples in a palette of colours ranging from gold to rose gold, right through to gun, and underline the feminine look of the brand.


The intricate details of the PEEK THROUGH models not only provide stunning visual appeal, but also combine high quality design with exceptional comfort. The lightness of the stainless steel models is underlined by transparent acetate temple ends, whilst fine cut-outs in the temples provide revealing insight. The metallic bicolour effect on the front, in contrast to the temples and the back, introduces an additional elegance into the collection.


Exceptional craftsmanship has enabled delicate structures on the lugs and temples of the stainless steel models to be created in colour, conjuring up subtle effects. The soft bicolour palette made up of feminine, powdery pastel shades gives the frames the distinctive and unique BRENDEL look.


Classic shapes with metallic effects characterise the designs of the TWO TONED models. Striking colours are contrasted with a recessed stainless steel front and combined with delicate metal tones. In this way, the stainless steel models, with their intricate workmanship and subtle effects, are guaranteed to turn heads in the coming season.


Here comes the sun! BRENDEL eyewear is also featuring translucent materials in the latest sunglasses range. The transparent acetate reveals the high quality combination with the finest stainless steel. Showcasing the fact that BRENDEL eyewear is most definitely on-trend and passionate about detail.