Minimalism is currently all the rage in the fashion world, a stripped-back style that skilfully underscores premium materials and essential details – PRECIOUS ELEMENTS oozes femininity and creative thinking across the board, with intricate, decorative silhouettes, colourful indentations on the fronts, geometric detailing on the temples, delicately fashioned sun-clip eye wires and prominent brow lines sporting transparent acetate.

BRENDEL eyewear’s spring summer 2021 collection pairs smart, eye-catching design with the highest standards in crafting the finest acetate and metals into eyewear. Get ready for a defining look for our age, get ready for PRECIOUS ELEMENTS – exquisite, distinctive and glamorous.


The subtle panto and attractive angular models offer a carefully facetted eye wire in classy metallic tones. The decorative design works beautifully in all three colour variations, both polished and matt. The panto’s brow line enclosed in transparent acetate provides a soft shimmering effect, while the linear design harmonises exquisitely with this choreography of fine materials.


Pairing feminine rounded shapes with expressive angles, these three models – precisely milled from stainless steel – exude top-notch craftsmanship from tip to tip. Indentations in the fronts conjure a classy two-tone effect, the transparent temple tips exude lightness, while the integrated spring hinges guarantee perfect comfort every day.


Precious details of the straight-lined models are the accentuated deep, laid out eye rims in feminine colors. Metallic tones confidently offset the colours across the bridge and temples, as well as on some fronts. The assured, minimalist temple design couples with slender stainless steel wire with long acetate temple tips in transparent nuances.


These dynamic feminine shapes boast the finest stainless steel, high quality craftsmanship and arresting details. The bold design integrates colour on the eye wire, vividly surrounded by metallic tones. Minimalist, straight temples with transparent tips only add to these models’ effortless cool.


The shapely geometry of these softly rounded lenses and angular frame contours is underlined by an extraordinary precious element – a coloured indentation in the upper edge of the eye wire emphasizing the brow line with distinctive charm. There are ambitious models in classy acetate and translucent gradient colours, as well as desirable designs in metal with soft colour accents on the end pieces and upper eye line. Narrow temples in matching colours round out the look beautifully.


Premium, transparent and feminine – from the materials to the colour palette, the brow line to the temple tips. Shapely acetate fronts in graceful panto and expressive angular shapes are offset with the lightness of narrow, straight metal temples. Together, this composition delivers a flawlessly classy look, no matter the occasion.


These two classic statement models in acetate ooze pure femininity – in both a soft shape and an angular model with a hint of cat-eye appeal. The temples are refined with precise, three-dimensional details for a touch of the sublime. These models are an indispensable accessory available in four fashionable colours, with integrated spring hinges for uncompromising comfort.


These minimalist acetate models in large panto or feminine rectangular shapes sport transparent colours and a clear design aesthetic – not to mention a surprising second look on top. These models show their mysterious side with an elegant sunclip using an intricately crafted eye wire. Think stylish elegance in harmonious metal tones. The striking beauty of the range is completed by with high-quality gradient lenses – some of them with an exclusive mirror coating.