The world of fashion reflects the current zeitgeist, steering away from flamboyant and glittering glamour – instead, favouring concentrated beauty and sophisticated style. BRENDEL eyewear is no exception and has dedicated its new collection to PRECIOUS ELEMENTS – taking them to the next level. The minimalist design with its straight lines is the perfect setting for decorative highlights with an eye for detail. An attractive play of colour, accentuated temples and faceted eyewires dominate this modern design. Crafted to the highest standards, using precious materials, for the utmost wearing comfort.

The PRECIOUS ELEMENTS imbue every model in our latest collection with a sense of femininity: wide, trendy acetate temples with delicate marbling. Accentuated, deep eyerims with appealing colour inlays. Lacquered applications in soft, matte shades. Fresh, sensual colours combined with high-gloss metal hues. The perfect pairing of the finest acetate and high-quality metals. From expressive, rectangular shapes to soft, flowing silhouettes, the collection includes cat-eye, panto, angular and hexagonal models. From discreet and delicate to zealous and bold. A sunny exclusive – with exquisite gradient lenses in glamorous colours.


This striking quadrilateral model and soft pantoscopic-shaped design features a sensuous two-tone finish. The combination of metallic and contrasting colour tones conjures an exquisite aesthetic. Fashionably wide stainless steel temples with intricately integrated spring hinges round off this stylish composition.


These stunning metal fronts come in an expressive, angular shape and an alluring nylor design. Confidently combined with strikingly wide, marbled acetate temples – which perfectly harmonise with the eye rim shade – this design effortlessly exudes feminine charisma.


Minimalist design with eye-catchingly low eye rims. This model’s colour applications harmonise perfectly with the metallic tones, while the elegant play of colour on the eye rims is beautifully paired with fine metal temples and integrated spring hinges. Flawless good looks meet top-notch comfort.


Soft, flowing silhouettes ensure that the eye-catching pantoscopicshaped model stands out, while the fashionable hexagon shape is defined by its clearly contoured lines. Both models share captivating colour applications on the upper eye rim as well as impeccably engineered details. The temple design matches the colour palette of the front and blends beautifully into the overall look.


Small lenses make a big impression in this design featuring lively feminine colours coupled with shiny metallic tones. Expressive metal temples with integrated spring hinges round off this refined ensemble. Elegant finesse from tip to tip.


These exquisite acetate models captivate with minimalist, straight metal temples in eye-catching metallic tones. The acetate frames feature both transparent gradients and marbled looks. Available as an expressive, angular shape or in soft pantoscopic – an irresistible must-have.


Extroverted, bold and dramatic, these striking models were made to enjoy the sun. Large, chunky shapes are coupled with extremely wide, trendy temples – including some with an intricate and cool riveted design. The high-quality acetate with artistic marbling and hip gradient lenses make this model the perfect companion for your summer.


Classy gradient lenses in fashionable colours confidently combine with expressive, angular metal. These modern lens shapes stand out thanks to the colourful eye rims in fresh, feminine tones paired with shiny metal. Ultra-modern, wide acetate temples round off this classy design. Subtlety marbled and in perfect harmony with the front.


The bold metal temple design with rounded edges cries out to be touched. These sporty frames feature a strikingly low eye rim and captivating colour finish, as well as a dynamic double bridge. Optionally available with an accentuated brow line sporting transparent acetate – in part with intricate marbling – providing an elegant contrast to the clean metal elements.


Minimalist temples crafted with the finest stainless steel wire and long acetate tips offer a classy constant in all four of these charismatic models. The fascinating cat-eye and soft pantoscopic shapes feature a carefully crafted low eye rim, metallic colour effects and coloured applications in soft, matte shades. The large quadrilateral and pantoon-top shapes offer prominent fronts attractively combined with the metallic elements surrounded by high-quality acetate.


Puristic, straightforward, authentic – this confident design is dominated by fine acetate in classical colours paired with high-quality gradient lenses. Compelling lens shapes and contrasting temple colours – refined with stylish marbling – effortlessly underscore the wearer’s femininity.