Self-confident, fashion-oriented females underline their individual visual appeal through the choice of their eyewear. Brendel combines current trends in international female fashion with the tradition of an established, German eyewear manufacturer. Femininity knows many forms of expression and Brendel encapsulates this diversity in its stunning range of high quality models, whilst at the same time presenting one common characteristic: a unique style. As a result, Brendel eyewear will always be the perfect accessory for underlining the personality of the females who wear this brand.


Established in 1901, the Brendel brand has been part of Eschenbach Optik since 2002. Brendel is fashion for the face, by females for females – inspired by the work of renowned fashion designers, stylists and make-up artists. Material selection, workmanship and design create the ultimate look and ensure maximum comfort. What’s more, Brendel continues to raise the benchmark in eyewear fashion with its limited collections, which are created in collaboration with famous fashion labels.